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History - Autumn Term


A Whole Century and Me!

What has changed in the past 100 years?

In Autumn Term, the children will be becoming mini historians and they will be exploring how life for us is a lot different to life 100 years ago. We will be looking at things in the modern day, looking at what childhood is like, what jobs there are, what homes there are etc, and then we will be seeing how that has changed over time. We will be looking at the 1960s decade to see what has changed from then until now, and then going back even further into the 1920s decade. We will be exploring our local surroundings, looking at how Repton has changed as well over time, and we will be making a trip to the Museum of Making to look at how transport has changed in a century!


Below is our Knowledge Organiser that we will be using to revisit our learning and to help us with our understanding of the past. Please feel free to use this and test your child on what they have learned. They can point to things they have learned about, and tell you any facts or information about the pictures or information on the page. 

If you have any questions about History, please get in touch at, or come see me to arrange an appointment.