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W/c 11th March 2024

A very scientific week this week.  It involved camouflage, sand-timers, synapses in the brain and air-resistance.  Read on to find out more…


Although this week has been assessment week we balanced out the assessments with the excitement that is British Science week.  This year’s theme was ‘Time’.  Throughout the week we have learnt about Volcanoes and how they can erupt at any time.  We learnt about the structure of them, how they are formed and the people who observe and study them.  We have thought about what it would take to be a Volcanologist as well.


We have also begun creating our own Volcano.  We are going to carry out an experiment next week to see how long volcanoes take to erupt with different amounts of vinegar and baking soda. 


On Wednesday we got to venture to the different classrooms in Key Stage 2 where each of the different teachers had planned an activity linked to the theme of time. 


The Puffins got to have a go at creating a camouflaged moth, create a timer out of sand that took 10 seconds to work and think about how synapses in the brain are created. They also got the opportunity to think about air resistance when creating a parachute and cushioning for an egg. 


The children all tried so hard in their assessments and I was really proud of their perseverance with things that they found hard.


I hope they all have a lovely restful weekend as they deserve it!


Thank you

Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki