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Breakfast Club

Breakfast Club Team:


Our Breakfast Club Team consists of Mrs Clamp, Mrs Davies, Miss O'Toole and Mr Moore. Their aim is to make sure the children have the best start to the day.


The Breakfast Club is currently available at £5.00 per session, payable 10 school working days in advance.  However, this price will increase to £6.00 for all bookings made for attendance on/from Monday 6th November 2023 until further notice.


Opening time: 7:30 am — 8:45 am.  Drop off is through the main school entrance.


Breakfast is available for the first 30 minutes each morning until 8 am.


How to join our Breakfast Club


In the first instance, and to register your children, you will need to email


All children attending will need to have the following corresponding signed paperwork in place before they attend:

  • Breakfast Club Terms
  • Breakfast Club Registration Forms


All bookings and payments are made online via your child's ParentPay account.  Bookings made that remain unpaid are subject to an automatic cancellation at 9pm the day before the session booked.  Auto cancelled bookings may mean the booking can no longer be honoured and/or an additional fee may be charged.



New Starters - Booking Breakfast Club


Please complete the registration and terms and conditions forms that are available on our website.  These will need to be handed in to the school office prior to your child attending the Breakfast Club.


Booking for Breakfast Club is done on ParentPay, a guide to this is available on our website to help you if you need it.  However, a ParentPay account cannot be set up until after your child joins us.  Therefore you will need to email  by 21st August with your first weeks bookings, detailing your child’s name, class and the days you would like them to attend.  They will then be manually added to the register for those days.  Please assume you have a place, unless you receive communication to say otherwise.


Your ParentPay activation letter will be sent home with your child within the first 3 days of starting school.  Please look out for this to ensure Parentpay is set up as soon as possible.



Making a Breakfast Club booking.


  • Select drop down menu (3 x horizontal lines)
  • Book meals and places
  • Make booking
  • Make booking for breakfast
  • Week commencing 28th Nov
  • Click make or view bookings
  • Select which days you want
  • Confirm booking making payment if funds are not available.


Making a Breakfast Club Booking


Please speak with our Breakfast Club Team directly if you need further details.


Our Breakfast Club


We are proud to be able to offer our parents this wrap around care particularly if your work hours mean that you need an earlier drop off. It is a lovely club with a friendly atmosphere. Children are always engaged and happy. Please see below for all the necessary information. 


Opening time: 7:30 am — 8:45 am.  Drop off is through the main school entrance.


Breakfast is available for the first 30 minutes each morning until 8 am.


Each morning a nutritious breakfast is provided.  The children sit down to eat and chat together in an informal atmosphere. Currently, during Covid-19 restrictions all children eat and sit within their year group bubbles. Hopefully, with the lifting of restrictions children can sit with whoever they choose. Having said this, it has not affected the positive atmosphere of the club - the children still love coming!


At 8:30 am all children come together back in the hall and have the opportunity to participate in Brain Gym, Tai Chi and Go Noodle.


At 8:45 am staff escort EYFS and KS1 children to their classrooms and KS2 children go to their classrooms.



A Tasty Breakfast—The most important meal of the day!




Breakfast Choices:

· Cereals—Cornflakes, Cheerios, Rice Krispies and Weetabix.

· Drinks—Water or fruit juices.

· Toasted whole meal bread—With choice of spreads.

· Yogurts.

· Selection of fruits.




Board Games, jigsaws and construction toys are available for the children to play with until breakfast has stopped.




From 08:00 am, the children can choose from our weekly timetable, this includes:


  • Our Club—children have a say in their club, e.g. chose club name, make club rules, choosing activities for each term, what would they like to do?
  • Life skills—Sewing, tying shoe laces, making a sandwich etc.
  • Book Club—peer reading, listen to audio stories, looking after our library.
  • Music Club—play their instruments, singing traditional and modern songs.
  • Board games/jigsaws.
  • Construction toys, drawing and colouring materials are always available.
  • Children will be able to access sport activities during the week with our sports coach and participate in a range of fun things to do.




Award Member of the Week — Repton’s Got Talent — Celebration Breakfast, (end of term, seasonal).