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Sammy's Adventures 2020 - 2021!



This weekend was lovely and relaxed. On Saturday I went for a short walk and then treated myself to a delicious iced doughnut. On Sunday, I enjoyed watching the football. I watched the Italy v Wales game and enjoyed a pizza in honour of Italy!

I hope that you all had a fantastic weekend!



Love Sammy x

Fun in the sun!

Thankfully, this post is much different to the last update I added. Rather than being stuck inside due to the poor weather, I have been out and about exploring and enjoying the beautiful sunshine! I have been lucky enough to go on many adventures this half term. I have been to Nottingham, Tamworth Castle, been on numerous walks, took a shopping trip and ate lots of delicious food (of course!). This weekend we had a family BBQ and enjoyed some weekend TV which was the perfect end to a summery half term! It has been a busy but fantastic week and I hope the cheery weather is here to stay! I cannot wait to hear what you have all been up to...



Love Sammy x

Rain rain go away!

What a weekend! Who would have thought we'd still be experiencing such miserable weather towards the end of May! Due to the unpredictable weather, I spent most of this weekend indoors. I relaxed with my favourite furry friends and enjoyed watching some movies and eating popcorn! Luckily, the rain stopped for a little while and we managed to get outside and go for a few walks too. Although the rain wasn't ideal, a chilled weekend with Miss Bailey was perfect! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend too.



Love Sammy x

Hello again!


Hi fellow Seals, what a crazy year we have had so far! It has been a while since you've heard from me but as the world slowly opens up again, I am back and ready to share more of my adventures with you! Despite the miserable weather, this weekend has been super fun. Miss Bailey and I enjoyed chilling inside on Saturday and watching some films, and on Sunday we went for a lovely walk and baked some goodies! As a treat, we chose to make some cookie dough bars filled with malteser truffles and kinder chocolate! They were delicious!! I hope that you have all had a fantastic weekend and fingers crossed the weather will brighten up again next weekend.



Love Sammy x

Happy New Year!

As this is my first adventure update of 2021, I would like to wish my fellow Seals a Happy New Year! I had the most amazing Christmas at home with Miss Bailey. We ate lots of yummy food, went on multiple wintery walks and played some fabulous party games! Although I am sad that the festive season is now over, I am super excited to welcome you all back to school this week. I cannot wait to hear all about your Christmas break! 



See you soon,

Love Sammy x

Christmas Preparation!

This weekend I have been getting ready for Christmas and feel more excited for the festive season than ever! On Saturday I went to the shops with Miss Bailey and we bought lots of treats for our Christmas Party next week. The snacks look delicious so we hope that the children in 4/5 will be as impressed as us! In the evening, we watched a Christmas film and enjoyed a takeaway pizza whilst watching Strictly Come Dancing. On Sunday, we began to wrap some presents ready for Christmas Day which is now less than 2 weeks away! I hope you have had a fantastic weekend and are feeling as festive as I am!



This will be my final update of 2020 therefore I would like to say a huge thank you for a fabulous first term in Seals class! I wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and you will hear more about my Christmas adventures in 2021...


Love Sammy x

More fantastic festivities!

This weekend I continued to get into the Christmas spirit. I went to Planters at Bretby to see the reindeer and they were incredibly cute! On Sunday, I watched another Christmas film - The Grinch! The film was brilliant and funny, and my hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows of course) made it all the more enjoyable! On Monday evening, Miss Bailey and I went for a lovely evening stroll around Mercia Marina. The Christmas decorations and lights were beautiful, and we left feeling extremely Christmassy! I look forward to enjoying more festive fun at school this week!


Love Sammy x


Festive Fun!

As we are moving into December, I have been getting into the Christmas spirit! Over the weekend I watched a Christmas film on Netflix and put some decorations up around the house - I even made some festive friends!! On Sunday, I went to the supermarket to get some festive treats for our class advent which is now part of our Christmas scene displayed in the classroom. I love Christmas and I am excited to see our classroom become more and more Christmassy as the days go by! I look forward to weeks full of festive fun with my fellow Seals :)



Love Sammy x



Movie Night

I have had yet another chilled weekend at home due to the current national lockdown restrictions. I made the most of being stuck at home and watched lots of movies on Disney+, whilst being tucked up in my warm, cosy bed! I also ventured to the supermarket (again) and purchased some festive treats! Next weekend I am hoping to enjoy some more movies and shop for more Christmas treats!



Love Sammy x



I have had another weekend of relaxing and walking! Due to national lockdown restrictions, I think this is what my weekends will look like for a while, but I really do love them! On Friday, I watched Children in Need with Miss Bailey and we discussed how fortunate we are and how amazing it is that Repton Primary School took part in fundraising for this brilliant charity. On Saturday, I did my weekly supermarket shop and settled down in the evening for an abundance of Saturday night entertainment! Today, I went for a long walk with my paw pals and spent some time watching a space documentary series that I found on Disney+!



Another fabulous weekend for me and I hope it has been for you too!

Love Sammy x



This weekend was the first of many chilled weekends to come for me and Miss Bailey. On Saturday, we enjoyed a trip to the supermarket in the morning and settled down in the evening to watch Strictly Come Dancing! On Sunday, we baked cakes and went for a nice, peaceful walk. The cakes were vanilla flavoured and topped with Millions frosting! Although the frosting was very sweet, the cakes were delicious!



Love Sammy x

Half term fun!

I have had a brilliant half term week full of fun, delicious treats and relaxation! I have been on many peaceful woodland walks and made the most of some chilled time at home, catching up on TV and watching movies! Not only have I been busy relaxing and enjoying nature, I also found time to do some shopping - Including buying popcorn for our Marble treat afternoon and buying Christmas stationery to add to Seals' prize box! Of course, I also celebrated Halloween this weekend and although it was different this year, Miss Bailey made it extra special and spoilt me with an indoor Halloween party full of Spooktacular treats! 



I have had an incredible half term and I hope you all have too. I cannot wait to hear what you have you been up to over the last week and I hope you are feeling refreshed. 

See you tomorrow,

Love Sammy x

Moira Furnace


This weekend I went for a lovely walk around Moira Furnace with Miss Bailey. I really enjoyed walking past the canal and walking through the woodland areas - Lots of pretty sights! Although it was a little chilly, we had a great time and we even got some doughnuts on the way home!



Love Sammy x



This weekend I went on holiday to Mablethorpe and I had the most amazing time! On the first day I visited the Seal Sanctuary. I was delighted to see some fellow seal friends and admired the amazing job that the people are doing at the sanctuary! Over the course of the weekend I got to eat lots of delicious food, see some incredible sights and have some fun and relaxation at the beach. (I also washed and sanitised my flippers a lot of course!) I really enjoyed this holiday and I do hope that I can go on another holiday soon! I'm so happy that I get to share my adventures with you all and I do hope you like the photos!



Love Sammy x

Getting Ready

I have had a busy yet fabulous weekend. I am off on my holidays next weekend so I spent this weekend packing my suitcase! I have packed all of my favourite clothes and I cannot wait to spend some time at the beach, relaxing by the sea. I am most looking forward to eating as much ice cream as possible! 



Be sure to come back to this page next weekend to see all of the wonderful things that I get up to on my holiday!


Love Sammy x


Relaxing weekend!


Due to cold weather this weekend, I decided to spend some time relaxing with Miss Bailey. We went for a couple of short walks and took a trip to Tesco but mostly we sat back and watched some TV! Miss Bailey treated me to a few of my favourite chocolate snacks and I even made some furry friends!

I do hope that Teddie and Blaise will be my friends forever now and hopefully we can spend many more weekends relaxing together as the days get darker and colder!



Love Sammy x

Elvaston Castle


This weekend I went to Elvaston Castle with Miss Bailey. Luckily, the sun was shining brightly so we managed to go for a nice long walk through the park and forestry areas. We had so much fun and the castle was beautiful. We even stopped for a bite to eat!

As we walked back to the car, Miss Bailey told me that I was allowed a special treat... Ice Cream! I began thinking about what ice cream I wanted - What flavour to have? Which toppings to choose? etc. But then, as we approached the ice cream van there was nobody there to sell us any ice cream. I was gutted that there was no ice cream available but thankfully Miss Bailey stopped off at Costa on the way home and treated me to a nice fruit cooler. It was delicious!

Thank you Miss Bailey for a lovely day out and hopefully we can go on some more adventures next weekend!


Today I am going to rest as I am tired from all of the walking that we did yesterday and I need to be refreshed for another great week at school. See you all tomorrow my fellow Seal friends!


Love Sammy x