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Relaxing weekend!


Due to cold weather this weekend, I decided to spend some time relaxing with Miss Bailey. We went for a couple of short walks and took a trip to Tesco but mostly we sat back and watched some TV! Miss Bailey treated me to a few of my favourite chocolate snacks and I even made some furry friends!

I do hope that Teddie and Blaise will be my friends forever now and hopefully we can spend many more weekends relaxing together as the days get darker and colder!



Love Sammy x

Elvaston Castle


This weekend I went to Elvaston Castle with Miss Bailey. Luckily, the sun was shining brightly so we managed to go for a nice long walk through the park and forestry areas. We had so much fun and the castle was beautiful. We even stopped for a bite to eat!

As we walked back to the car, Miss Bailey told me that I was allowed a special treat... Ice Cream! I began thinking about what ice cream I wanted - What flavour to have? Which toppings to choose? etc. But then, as we approached the ice cream van there was nobody there to sell us any ice cream. I was gutted that there was no ice cream available but thankfully Miss Bailey stopped off at Costa on the way home and treated me to a nice fruit cooler. It was delicious!

Thank you Miss Bailey for a lovely day out and hopefully we can go on some more adventures next weekend!


Today I am going to rest as I am tired from all of the walking that we did yesterday and I need to be refreshed for another great week at school. See you all tomorrow my fellow Seal friends!


Love Sammy x