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W.C. 12.9.22

We have had a fantastic second week back in the Hedgehogs class this week! We have been fully immersed into our learning and we are fully settled into the classroom! We have worked really hard this week so feel free to see the learning that we have done below.



We have worked hard in Maths by practising our number formation. We have also worked on how we can represent numbers in different ways using numicons, number beads and ten frames. We then looked at how we can count an amount from a large group of objects. 

Look at these pictures below. Can you write down the numbers of these objects? If you do, bring your work to Mr Armishaw on Monday?


You can also find a quiz on Maths Shed that focuses on the learning we have done in our Maths lessons this week -


If your child struggles with their number formation - you are welcome to print this resource below so your child can practise their numbers at home.


In our English learning we have been continuing to learn the story of Zog. In Year 1, we create class story maps using a 'Mighty Writer' tool. It is a story map where the children can come up and build a story by grabbing velcro pictures. You can see the story map that we created as a class below.

We were also welcomed by a huge silhouette of Zog who helped us with our learning on adjectives. In our English, we learnt that an adjective is a describing word using to describe an object, a place, a person (a noun). We thought of lots of adjectives to describe Zog's body such as "Zog has an orange body". Can you come up with adjectives to describe Zog's body? Look at the features below to help you!




In our Topic learning this week, we looked at what life was like for an Ancient Egyptian child. We learnt about how poor and rich children had different lives once they were past the age of 5. Can you remember any of the jobs that children had to do when they were 5 all the way until they were 12?


What jobs can you see these Ancient Egyptian children doing in these pictures? See if you can tell a grown up?











Here are the spellings to learn for next Thursday (22.9.22). These spellings are also on Spelling Shed and in your child's Spelling Record book. 


We have had a fantastic week, well done Hedgehogs! Have a lovely weekend, and we will see you next Tuesday.


Mr Armishaw