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Phase 3 (Learnt in EYFS)

Below are some Time to Read Sheets for the Phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs. To use these sheets effectively at home, you can either print them off, or have them displayed on the screen. Ask your child to sound talk and blend the first 4 words, with the assistance of the sound buttons. The next 4 words have slightly less sound buttons. The last 4 words have no sound buttons and contain phonemes taught previously. 


Afterwards, your child can read the tricky word in the 'Tricky Word Challenge' section and then your child can  challenge themselves to read the two sentences at the bottom of the page.


You can make this fun and interactive and chop these words up and hide them in a room and your child has to find them. Alternatively you can use this as a form of a 'spelling test' to test them on ones they find tricky. You could even get some chalk and write these words on the pavement. It is up to you!


As I have made these resources myself, I would appreciate if these resources were used for personal uses and not shared to other people. 


Any questions or information regarding these sheets, please get in touch at Many thanks!


Mr Armishaw