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W.C. 9.1.23

I hope you have all had a lovely Christmas break and that you all feel fully recovered for the new year of 2023. It has been a really lovely first week back and I hope your children have enjoyed this week back as well. Look below to find out what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have started our new unit on Place Value to 20. We have started this unit, by looking at the numbers from 11-20. We looked at how we can make those numbers using base 10. We learnt that the numbers 11-19 all have 1 ten in the number, and different numbers of ones! We made these using our base 10 (dienes) to build numbers. If you would like to practise your numbers from 1-19 using base 10, look at the game below;


Can you look at the pictures below and see if you can match the numbers 11-20 to all the pictures below? Remember, each of these pictures has a 10 already completed for you!



In our English learning, we have been learning a new narrative. This narrative is a Meeting Tale. A Meeting Tale is when two characters meet, disagree on something and then the characters become friends at the end of the story.


We have been learning the story of The Giraffe and the Elephant. We learned the story by acting it out using puppets. Look below to see our amazing actions for our story! We then used the Mighty Writer to construct the story map as a class. You can see our model text, our story map, and our actions below. Can you talk through the story map, your actions, or the model text to a grown-up?


In our Topic learning, we have (sadly) moved on from our History learning on Ancient Egypt. We have not moved too far away from the country of Egypt, and we have started our Geography unit on Kenya, which the children are so excited to learn more about! We started by thinking of questions and things we want to explore about Kenya. 


We then commenced our proper learning on Kenya by understanding where Kenya is in the world. We used Google Maps to explore where Kenya is on the planet. We thought about whether Kenya was close or quite far away, and we found out it was very far away! We learned about how the Earth is split up into 7 continents. We learned a really fun song called the Continents Song which you are welcome to listen to here! Can you name the 7 continents? Which continent is Kenya in? Which continent is the United Kingdom in?


We then used an atlas to help us arrange the continents on the world map, as they were all jumbled up! The children worked brilliantly in pairs. Look below to see pictures of the children working together.

Spellings - ue

These spellings are also available on Spelling Shed.


What a fantastic first week back Hedgehogs - well done! See you all on Monday!


Mr Armishaw