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W/C 04.12.23

What a fun-filled Christmassy week we have had!


On Wednesday, we had a very exciting day. We wore our Christmas jumpers and had our Christmas dinners. The PTA also very kindly paid to allow our children to have a pantomime, and what a fantastic pantomime it was!


Today, we had our nativity dress-rehearsal at the Repton 400 Hall. We can't wait for you to watch it next week! We also have our Christmas Fair after school today. We hope we will see you all there! 


Alongside all of the fun, we have also been doing lots of super learning...


In maths, we have been subtracting two 2-digit numbers (not crossing ten). We have drawn our tens and ones to help us and checked our answers using the column method. How would you work this problem out?


Mrs Taylor-Day has 68 marbles. She gives 23 away to you. How many marbles does Mrs Taylor-Day now have? 


We then moved onto subtracting two 2-digit numbers that do cross ten- this was a little trickier. We have to remember to exchange 1 ten for 1 ones... Can you show someone at home how we can do it?


In English, we have started to innovate (change) part of our non-chronological report about Queen Victoria. This week, we have done lots of research about Queen Elizabeth II. Can you remember any of the facts you learnt? 


When was she born?

Who did she marry?

How many children did she have? Can you name one of them?

When did she become Queen? 

What jobs/duties did she have? 

What were her favourite dogs?


In topic, we have continued to look at Victorian houses and architecture. In groups, we designed and created our own rooms to form our Victorian-style dollhouse. We made a kitchen, a scullery, a front parlour, a dining room, a master bedroom and a nursery. Which room did you design? Next week, we are going to put all of the rooms together to make our house. 


This week, we had our school trip to Newstead Abbey. We had a fantastic day playing with Victorian toys, going into the nursery in the attic, seeing the maid's bedroom, making herb bags in the kitchen, seeing a magic lantern show and playing some Christmas games in the front parlour. What was your favourite part of the day? The children showed respect and pride from start to finish. They asked lots of interesting questions and showed off their wonderful knowledge about the Victorians. The staff at Newstead Abbey commented on how impressed they were with all of their knowledge. Well done, Owls! We are super proud! Take a look at our pictures below:



Eddie the Elf