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Updates W.C 29.01.24

We have had another great week in the Hedgehogs Class this week! Look below to find out what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning, we have been learning how to estimate a number on a number line from 1-20. We talked about what is the mid point of a number line from 0-10, from 10-20, and then from 0-20. Then we used our knowledge of more than and less than to determine where numbers might go on a number line.


Then on Friday, it was NSPCC Number Day. This is a day where we celebrate all things number related. We spent the morning doing our usual Maths lesson, which was comparing numbers using our crocodile symbols, but we also linked PE and Maths together to do some fun Maths activities! You can find photos below!


In our English, we have been very successful this week as we have been creating and writing our HOT WRITES. We have been writing them based on the story of the Giant Jumperee. The children created their own settings, characters and how their feared character would eventually be caught. The stories were absolutely brilliant and the children have gave me loads to mark this week! Can you tell your grown-up what your story was about? Maybe you could draw a story map of your story, or even write a small bit? Was your character called The Giant Jumperee, or something else? All the children's work can be found in our Writing Gallery.



In Geography, the children have been investigators this week as we have been learning how to use compass directions to solve problems! The children learned the mnemonic Never, Eat, Shredded, Wheat to understand the directions North, East, South and West. We played a few games using this strategy, and then we used these directions to help find out where certain animals in Kenya lived. Here is a map of Kenya with certain towns and cities. Use the clues on the right to help identify where the animals may live. Use the compass clues to help you, and remember the animals need to go on to the big white circles!


We also learned about physical and human features. We learned that physical features are areas/landmarks that are naturally made, and that human features are areas/landmarks that are made by humans. Go for a walk around your local area, can you find any natural and physical areas near you?



In our computing lesson this week, we finished off our rockets - thank you to those who brought in a plastic bottle. Every child was able to make their own rocket! 

We then went on the playground to throw them. As part of our Computing unit, not only is it about drawing using programmes, but also collecting data. We threw them from a starting point, and then one person used a trundle wheel to measure the distance in metres. We collected the results and we will be typing up the data next week! Here are some pictures of our rockets and of us measuring using the trundle wheel.


Computing: Measuring using the trundle wheel!



Next Thursday is our trip to the Museum of Making. Please can you arrive at school as close to 8:45am as you can as we will be leaving school at 9:00am. For this day, children only need to bring their packed lunch, a water bottle and coats. Children do not need to bring in their school bag on this day. Parents who requested that school provide a sandwich for their child back when we organised the trip in November will have school provide their child with their lunch for this day. Parents who requested that they will provide lunch for their child, please provide your child with a packed lunch on this occasion. I hope all this makes sense. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to email me at


Have a lovely weekend Hedgehogs!


Mr Armishaw