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W/C 10.10.22

We have had a great week!


In maths, we have completed our first unit of work: Place Value. To finish our place value unit, we have been counting in 5s, 10s and 3s this week. Show someone at home what you can do:


Counting in 5s:


Counting in 10s:


Remember, we can count in 10s from any number. We change the tens but the ones stay the same:


Counting in 3s:


In English, we have been finding the features in our model text. Show someone below:

We have been planning our own set of instructions and on Friday wrote these! We made sure we included time conjunctions, imperative verbs and adjectives. Tell someone at home what you wrote about...


In topic, we have been learning about the Industrial Revolution during the 1800s when lots of factories were built. Lots of people moved to the city to live. We looked at the jobs people had during this time and the advantages and disadvantages of the Industrial Revolution. Can you remember any of these?


Key Messages:



  • As part of our RE curriculum, we are beginning to look at the Christian Bible and the Jewish Torah. Next Tuesday, we will begin our RE lesson by discussing 'special books'. We would like to invite the children to bring their own 'special book' into class to discuss and do a little bit of work around them. 
  • We are very excited to announce that we have planned a school trip to enhance our autumn topic, ‘Ingenious Victorians’. We will be visiting Newstead Abbey on Wednesday 7th December 2022. Please find the ParentHub message for more information about this.