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Intent - What do we intend children to learn through geography?


At Repton Primary School, we believe that Geography is an essential component of the curriculum as it seeks to educate children in the natural and human aspects of the world. Taking place in the Spring term, children will dedicate their topic learning to Geography. This enables children to have a deeper understanding of geographical knowledge and to allow the sequence of lessons to flow smoothly to create high-quality, progressive learning.  Geography is an investigative subject and we aim to inspire children by allowing them to delve into many aspects of Geography. Starting in Reception, children will be exposed to learning mapping skills, human features and physical features of their local environment, and then reflecting on how their environment compares to other environments in other regions on Earth. From Year 1 to Year 6, children will learn about a specific country in each year group, that matches with the subject content specified in the National Curriculum. Within each year group, children will learn about 6 key aspects of Geography; mapwork, physical geography, human geography, society and culture and history of the chosen country. Children will also reflect on all this learning and on their own locality and create a comparison study to highlight the diversity, differences and similarities between different natural and human environments.


Our Geography curriculum enables children to explore diverse, vast areas of the world by exploring the spiritual, moral, social, physical and cultural developments of those areas to deepen their understanding of the world. This curriculum also allows children to provide explanations for how interconnected Earth is, as this framework is consistent throughout school. Geographical knowledge and skills are carefully sequenced to ensure children are developing their skills for further education and beyond. We also aim to integrate the RPS values of ‘Respect’, ‘Pride’ and ‘Success’ into our Geography curriculum by posing challenging questions and giving children the chance to reflect on the values we instil in school, and how those values are present in communities in the world. We seek to develop children’s understanding of concepts, knowledge and skills through a carefully planned, engaging Geography curriculum that will prepare them for their future. 


Geography Progression of Skills