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W/c 18th September 2023

We have had another packed week in Puffins this week that has involved different types of power, Hot Writes, number lines and Anglo-Saxon invaders.  Read on to find out more…


In Maths this week we have focused on identifying numbers up to 1000 on a variety of different number lines. We have looked at 10 more and less, 100 more and less and 1000 more and less. We have also flexibly partitioned.  Can you explain this True or False question to your grown up?

In English we have thought in more detail about how to write a Diary Entry.  We boxed up our WAGOLL so we could look in detail at what each part contained.  We then innovated a small section of it writing our favourite day from the summer.  Our week has ended with us planning and beginning our Hot Write.  Can you tell your grown up what you have written in one of the boxes of your plan as well as what your diary entry is about?

In Science we have carried on with our topic on Exciting Electricity.  This week we thought about the different types of power that we can use to create Electricity.  These included Nuclear, Geothermal, Solar and Wind.  We thought about how these types of power worked, and whether they were renewable or non-renewable.


Topic this week involved us thinking about the different Anglo Saxon counties and the history of the Anglo Saxons coming to Great Britain were.  Can you remember what the different counties were called?

Year 3 Messages – I will soon be sending out information about the Bushcraft residential over the next few days.  Please let me know if you have any further questions once I have sent this out.


Year 4 Messages – Could you please ensure your child has a plastic bag in their swimming bag on Tuesday to put their wet clothes in.  Can all children also put their reading book and homework diary in their swimming bag on this day so that we can read with them. 


I hope you have a lovely weekend


Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki