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What another fantastic (and busy) week it has been for the Foxes! 


At Swimming, the year 4 children had their first session in their new groups. They were very excited to tell me all about it when they got back to school. I can't wait to see how their swimming skills progress this year! Remember to bring a plastic bag to put your wet clothes in!


Our school council reps had their first official meeting with Mrs Riley. When they returned to the classroom, they both came to the front of the class and explained to everyone what the meeting had been about and asked the children to discuss what rewards they think our 'wristband wearers' should receive. The class had some great ideas! They will take these ideas with them to their next meeting.


In English this week we have continued learning about diary entries. We looked at our WAGOLL text (What A Good One Looks Like) and used it to help us plan our own detailed diary entries, remembering to include all the features we have been learning about. The children then wrote their diary entries up in neat! I must say, I am EXTREMELY impressed with their fantastic writing! It has improved so much over the past couple of weeks! I can hardly believe it! I will be setting the children some writing targets soon so they know what they need to focus on next. Can you verbally retell your diary entry to your grown up?



In Maths we have been continuing to learn about place value. The Year 3 children have continued to look at numbers to 1,000 and they have used number lines to represent, order and estimate numbers. Year 4 have done the same with numbers to 10,000. Next week we are going to be learning about Roman Numerals and how to round to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000. 


Can you answer these true or false questions to a grown up?



In History, we continued learning about the Anglo-Saxons. We learned about the conflicts between the different groups of people who lived there at the time and about the Seven Kingdoms which Britain was divided into. Can you remember where the seven kingdoms were situated?




In Science we continued learning about electricity and found out about where electricity comes from! We found out about geothermal, hydro, wind, solar, nuclear and fossil fuels! Can you find real life examples of where these sources are used?


Year 3 Messages – Mrs K will soon be sending out information about the Bushcraft residential over the next few days.  Please let her know if you have any further questions once she has sent this out.


Have a great weekend!


Miss Hanslow