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We have had another brilliant week of learning this week in Foxes class!


In English this week, we finished writing up our instructions! Everyone did an amazing job at following their plans and were all successful in editing and improving their work. The progress the children have made in their writing, since September, is amazing – I am so proud of them! For our next topic, we are learning to write Historical Narratives!


In Maths, we have been focusing on measurement. The Year 3s have been learning about metres, centimetres and millimetres and the Year 4s have been learning all about area of shapes! Both groups have picked up these concepts really quickly with little-to-no misconceptions 😊 Can you answer these true or false questions?



In History, we have continued learning about the Vikings. This week we focused on where Vikings lived. We learnt that they lived in homes called longhouses, which had a fire in to keep them warm and even an area for their farm animals to live! What a smelly home that would have been! In Art we started making our Viking longhouses out of the boxes we brought in from home.



We had lots of fun in Science this week, learning all about ‘changing states’. We added heat to different types of chocolate (milk, white and dark) to turn them into liquids. We wanted to see if the type of chocolate made a difference to how quickly the chocolate melted too so we did a timed experiment! We then poured the melted chocolate (liquid) into molds to make our very own chocolate treat! After it had cooled, the chocolate then turned back into a solid and it was ready to eat! Can you remember which chocolate melted the fastest?



Mr Tague taught PSHE to the children this week. They learnt about how to recognise positive things about themselves and others. They also played a game where they had to swap places with someone that they have something in common with. It was a lovely way for children to recognise that although we are all different, we have common interests that connect us.




Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Hanslow