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Another great week in the Hedgehogs class this week! Look below to see what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been learning how to count forwards and backward to 10, and finding one more and one less than a number. We have been using strategies to help us with this such as counting one more and ones less using a number track, using ten frames, and using numicons as well. Here are some activities and games to help with this;


Can you help Mr Armishaw solve this Maths problem?

e.g. 6 is one less than 7



In our English learning, we have been innovating the story of Zog. We innovated the story by changing one section of the story. We changed what Zog learnt from Madame Dragon and what happened once he tried to learn those things. The children came up with their own ideas and we were thinking so creatively. We had ideas such as Zog learning to read, learning to breathe water, learning to paddle, learning to be scary, and many more ideas! We then used these ideas to create a piece of shared writing where we all created some fantastic sentences using these great ideas. The children used adjectives to bring their ideas to life such as "Zog learnt how to breathe cold water from his big mouth".  By the end of the week, we then created a double page spread plan for our own stories, inspired by Zog. We are excited to write about them next week in our first Year 1 HOT WRITE. 


Can you remember any part of your plan? Who was your main character? What were they trying to do? What was the problem in your story?



In our Topic learning, we have been learning about the job of a pharaoh and how important they were during Ancient Egyptian civillisation. We then learnt about the discovery of a famous pharaoh called Tutankhamun. We learnt how a British man called Howard Carter discovered King Tutankhamun back in 1922. We looked at pictures, newspaper articles and video footage of the discovery and the children were fascinated. Here is one of the information links that we used 


Can you tell any facts about King Tutankhamun or his discovery to your parents?




What a great week everyone! Have a lovely weekend.


Mr Armishaw