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We have had a fabulous first week back! It has been great to get to know the children and we have done lots of fun activities from creating clay hedgehogs, creating a "mini-me" for the classroom and we have even got started with our new topic learning on the Ancient Egyptians!



We have kickstarted our Maths learning by learning about how we can sort and count objects. We learnt that we can sort objects not just by colour, but also we sorted objects by shape, size and by their details as well! In what different ways can you sort the following objects below? How could you sort them into groups?



In our English learning, we have started our new T4W unit on Conquering a Monster Tale. We started this unit by watching some footage that Mr Armishaw had captured from his garden. He saw a dragon in the sky! It was a "mummy dragon" and she was the mother of Zog. She was not a scary dragon, in fact, she was scared. She was worried about where Zog was and she told us a story of where she last saw Zog. (I did reassure the children that the dragon was friendly, and said that the children could look outside of the window tonight to see if they could see a mummy dragon in the sky!) We then watched the story of Zog and sequenced the pictures in order. This is the story map that we will learn for next week. Can you retell the story in your own words about what Zog did in the story?



In our Topic learning, we had a brief introduction lesson to what things we will be learning about in our learning on Ancient Egypt. The children were excited to learn about pharaohs, pyramids, and mummies and about the Egyptian language, hieroglyphics. We talked about how the time period of the Ancient Egyptians happened a long time ago and we looked at a timeline. We then looked at a timeline of our lives to understand how a timeline worked. Can you tell your grown-up something that you are excited to learn about in our history learning on the Ancient Egyptians?


With the recent sad news of Queen Elizabeth's passing, we also had a discussion on how her death will affect people and what she meant to so many people. We talked about how it made us feel. We looked at pictures of her life and what fantastic things she did as our Queen.


We have had a great week, and I hope you have a lovely weekend. Let's hope this rain disappears soon!


Mr Armishaw & Mrs Wain.