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W.C. 17.4.23

What a fantastic first week back into the Summer Term! The children have worked so hard this week. We have now started to introduce Maths and English lessons on a daily basis to prepare the children for Year 2, and although it has been a tiring week, the children have worked incredibly hard and I am so proud of them! Look below to see what we have been up to this week.



In our Maths learning this week, the children have been working on Length and Height. We have been learning about how to use the words longer, shorter, taller and smaller to compare lengths and heights. We have then been doing some practical activities to practise measuring. We first of all measured objects using cubes (we even measured using paper clips!). Towards the end of the week, we measured the length and height of objects using rulers. We learnt how to use a ruler correctly, and how we measure using centimetres (cm). We found out that using a ruler is a much more accurate way of measuring length and height than cubes and paper clips. Here are some pictures of some of our Maths activities this week.


In our English this week, we have been learning a new narrative which is a journey tale. This is where a character goes on a journey, but encounters problems along the way, that eventually get resolved. We have been learning the story of Erik and the Journey to the Enchanted Forest. We started the week by building a story map using the Mighty Writer. We then created our own versions of the story map, by looking at key sentences from the story. We also talked about some of the key words from the story which we have called VIP words, such as exotic, dangerous, enchanted and petrified. Have a look at our model text, story map and VIP words to see if you can understand our story even more!




This term, we are going to be devoting our afternoon lessons to looking at Science. For the next few weeks, we will be looking at humans and animals. This week, we focused on the human body and we were looking at all the different body parts that make up the body. We had a lot of fun finding unusual and different body parts. We had some children lying down on a piece of paper. The rest of the children drew around them to form a body outline. We then had some labels and had to identify where on the body the labels would go. Here are some pictures of this activity!



We also talked about the 5 senses. We learnt that there were 5 senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste, and how each one of those senses has a body part that helps carry out the sense. Can you remember the 5 senses and the body parts responsible for each sense? If you can't remember, watch this catchy video to help you remember! 



We also had a really fun art lesson where we learned about sculptures. We learned that sculptures are 3D pieces of art that can be viewed from every angle. We learned how to make our own paper sculptures using paper and cards. We made 3D tubes of varying sizes and in various styles. We loved this lesson and the children loved being so creative. Here are some of their pieces below!

Reading Sheets

As you may know from one of the Parenthubs that was sent out this week, I will no longer be issuing Spellings for this term. Instead, please can you practise reading from the Monster Phonics booklets I gave during the Parents' Evening Consultations.


I have also sent home some practise Phonics Screening Check sheets. I will provide a new sheet each Thursday. Please can you practise reading the 20 real words and the 20 nonsense words as much as you can.


If you have any questions about these, please email me at



Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw