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Week 2

This week we have continued to settle into our new class.  The children have done so well during their first full time week.  They have begun to make friends and are really becoming used to the routines and expectations in Robins class.


We have talked about who lives in our house this week and all drew pictures to show who their family at home are.  The children showed us their drawing skills and we were able to assess their pencil grip and control. 

This week, as we get to know the children, we are assessing their abilities in the prime areas as well as reading, writing and number through play activities.


We have also begun our phonics lessons ‘Monster Phonics’ which the children seem to really be enjoying!  They have learned to recognise and say the sounds ‘s a t p’ this week and the high frequency words, a at as.   We have focussed on hearing sounds within words by playing sound talk games too, such as ‘place your hands on your h-ea-d, or touch your ‘ch-i-n’; enabling the children to hear the individual sounds and blend them together to make a word. 


We have all painted portraits of ourselves for our display, ‘Look at Us’.   They look fantastic! 


We have enjoyed lots of circle games where we practised taking turns, listening to one another and showing respect for others.  The children have enjoyed ‘Shaky Wakey’ (hiding and listening for the bells game), rolling balls, passing around a magical golden pine cone and talking about themselves.  We have also sung lots of songs, including nursery rhymes and number songs.


Next week we will be learning about how we have changed since we were a baby.  Please could you send in a photo of your child as a baby so that we can talk about how we have changed since then.  Many thanks.


Have a lovely weekend!





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