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W/c 4th March 2024

Well we have a very book-filled week this week.  We have all been finding our own dragons, dressing up, seeing some famous footballers and thinking about what a green country Iceland is.  Read on to find out more…


This week saw us celebrate World Book Week. Our English lessons focused on our Guided Reading Book which was ‘The Boy Who Grew Dragons’.  We created our own mythical dragon, decided how we would find our dragon and where they were from and then wrote an adventure story about them.  The children have also created a front cover for their new books.  They have worked incredibly hard to create such amazing pieces of work in such a short time.  Well done Puffins.


Year 3 have been focusing on understanding the numerators of non-unit fractions and comparing and ordering non-unit fractions. Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

This week Year 4 have been working on partitioning mixed numbers and counting on from 1 with fractions. We also thought about putting mixed numbers on a number line. Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

On World Book Day we took part in a quiz led that tested us on both our football knowledge and our knowledge of a variety of books.  No surprise that our football knowledge was rather good! Lots of super words were showcased through our World Book Day costumes,  which included: fragile, injured, botanical and repetitive.


We have carried on learning more about Iceland in our Geography lessons.  This week this meant we were learning about how global warming has affected the glaciers that cover 80% of Iceland.  In the last 100 years these have shrunk considerably.  Which led us nicely to one of the reasons why Iceland is the greenest country in the world.  We learnt about their high use of Geothermal energy, their hatred of single use plastics and their love of electric cars. 



I hope you have a lovely weekend.


Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki