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Updates W.C 11.12.23

This has been one of the most busiest weeks of the year so far, but what a great one it has been! We had our Christmas nativity performance on Monday. We watched the Robins also perform their nativity on Monday to the whole school, and we have still carried on with our learning, ready to wrap up our learning before we finish for the Christmas break. Have a look below at pictures from this week, as well as information about the learning that we have done. 


Christmas Nativity - The Inn-Spectors

We performed our KS1 nativity performance of "The Inn-Spectors" at the Repton 400 Hall on Monday and wow what a show! The children performed brilliantly and we are so proud of everyone. We hope you enjoyed the show too! 


In our Maths learning, we have been continuing our learning on shapes. This week we have looked at how we can sort 3D shapes into groups based on their properties. For example, a cone and a cylinder are similar because they have a curved face, but a cube and cuboid have flat sides. We also talked about how some sides are round, and some are pointy. On Thursday, we also looked at 2D shapes. 2D shapes are flat shapes. We can find 2D shapes on 3D shapes! Our task on Thursday was to explore the different 2D shapes on 3D shapes and we had a go at drawing 2D shapes this way. We also had a few tricky problem solving questions on 2D shapes but the children were brilliant with their understanding of shape! Here are some pictures of the children exploring 2D shapes by observing 3D shapes!

Here are a few challenges you can have a go at at home! 


What 3D shapes have a square face?

What 3D shapes have a rectangle face? 

What 3D shapes have a triangle face? 

What 3D shapes have a circle face?


             Challenge1                                                   Challenge 2









In our English, we are doing a short unit on setting descriptions. We have learned quite a lot about the space race, so we have learned a piece of writing about space as the children love it so much! To get us thinking about space and describing, we first of all watched a video about a monkey going to space, which you can view here. We then learned a text based on the video and created a story map using our Mighty Writer. We talked about what the monkey could see, feel, hear, smell and taste on his journey through space, using his senses. Here is our text below. Can you tell your grown-up what the monkey could see, hear, feel, smell or taste on his journey in his space shuttle? 


In our History learning, we are close to finishing off our learning on things that have changed and happened in the past 100 years. This week, we have looked at a significant event that happened just over 100 years ago, The Great War, WW1. The children learned briefly about what happened in the war, and we looked at the lives of soldiers in the war. We looked at pictures of trenches and the conditions that they faced. We even got to read a letter from a solider in the war! The children were so inspired by their learning, they wrote letters as if they were soldiers in the war! We then stained them with tea bags to create the effect that they are old! Here are some pictures of us staining our letters!

Can you tell your grown-ups about what it was like for soldiers in the war? How do you think they felt? What did they do for fun? What were some of the problems with living in the trenches and in the war?



In our Phonics this week, we have been learning ue, ue and ew. Please use the Time to Read booklets to practise these sounds at home.



There are no spellings to learn for next week, as next Thursday is our last day anyway. I will not be setting spellings over the Christmas break. Please use the Christmas break to relax and unwind. If your child wishes to do some learning, please use the "Time To Read" booklets provided at Parents' Evening to consolidate digraphs taught this year. Maths Shed and Spelling Shed also have games that the children can access.


Christmas Service on Monday

We are attending our Christmas service at St Wystan's Church on Monday. We are walking down at 9:15am and aim to head back at 11:00am. If you are available to walk down with us, please could you let me know as we are running low on walkers for our class.


Have a lovely weekend, one more week to go Hedgehogs!

Mr Armishaw