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Updates W.C 20.11.23

We have had a wonderful week this week in the Hedgehogs' Class. It is getting closer and closer to the time at which we will perform our Christmas nativity at the Repton 400 Hall, and the children are working really hard in our rehearsals so keep it up Hedgehogs! Look below to find out what we have been doing this week.



In our Maths learning, the children have been learning all about how we can subtract accurately. We have looked at two ways of subtracting this week - creating subtraction stories by using pictures and subtracting by crossing off. We have also been writing number sentences using the subtraction symbol such as 4 = 2. Here are some challenges below that you can do at home to do with our subtraction work this week. Can you complete the subtraction sentences? You may want to write a little story about the pictures using first, then and now! You could really impress your grown-up by doing a part-whole model to show your thinking too!










In our English work, we have been doing lots of work on SPAG this week (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar). We have focused on using a new type of punctuation called question marks. We use question marks at the end of a question to let the reader know that they are asking a question. We talked about the ways that we can ask a question and we found out that questions normally start with certain 'question words'. Look below at the question words below. Can you think/write a question that starts with one of these? You could think of a question which starts with a different word! Make sure to remember your question mark at the end of the sentence!




We also innovated the model text of our Neil Armstrong non-chronological report. On Friday, we thought of questions for a non-chronological report on King Charles III. Next week, we will be finding out information about King Charles and then we will start to plan our own reports.



In our History learning, we have been learning about the economy and money from 100 years ago. We looked at how money was different back 100 years ago and how they had different coins. We focused particularly on shillings and pence. We then looked at shopping lists of people who lived in the 1920s to see what foods they bought for their families and how much things cost. Can you remember what things they bought for their families? 


We also looked at how there were different families in the 1920s. We talked about how there were working-class families, middle-class families and upper-class families. We talked about how they lived different lives and how upper-class families had more money than working-class families. We watched parts of this clip on Youtube if you wanted to have a look. you tell your grown-up what it was like for different families 100 years ago? You may want to use these pictures to help you explain if they were about working-class families or upper-class families. 




We have been learning the oo, oo and oa digraphs this week. If you have time, use the Time-To-Read sheets to practise these digraphs.




Have a lovely weekend!


Mr Armishaw