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Updates W.C 16.10.23

It has been a busy week in the Hedgehogs class this week! It was lovely to meet some of you during our Parents evening consultation appointments this week. I hope you found it useful. Please look below to see what we have been learning about this week.



In our Maths learning, we have been learning about part-whole models. Part-whole models are a pictorial way to show how two numbers, or "parts", can be added together to create a whole. We also looked at how we can create two addition sentences from a part-whole model by realising that the whole will always remain the same, but parts can swap around. Here is an example below!



Could you have a go at completing the part-whole models below? With the part-whole model with 10 in the whole, can you find different ways of completing the part-whole model?





In our English learning, we have been continuing to learn the genre of instructions. We have specifically focused this week on conjunctions. We have looked at how we can use the conjunction 'and' to combine two sentences together. We also looked at how we can use time conjunctions. Time conjunctions are words that we can use to sequence events in order. To help with this, the children helped Mr Armishaw correctly create a marmalade sandwich using time conjunctions! 




In our History learning this week, we started to look at jobs in the past 100 years. We started to look at jobs that existed 100 years ago, and jobs that exist today. We also compared some jobs that were around 100 years ago to now! Here are some jobs below. Can you find which jobs were ones that were in the past, which ones are just in the present, and which jobs existed in the past and are in the present?



One mini-historian in our class really enjoyed learning about jobs in the past, that he went home and told his family about it. His grandma was a typewriter teacher and had a 1960s typewriter that she very kindly let us use in our class. We all had a turn at pressing some of the keys on the typewriter to spell out a few of the letters in our names. We realised it was much more difficult to press the keys on a typewriter than on a laptop! Here are some pictures below!




Have a lovely weekend! One more week till a week break!


Mr Armishaw