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We have had a very busy week this week with assessments, science and red noses!

The children have completed a range of assessments this week in English and Maths. These written assessments are to help inform our teacher judgements and to find out where children need extra support.


This week has been British Science week with a main theme of Time this year. We have completed extra science activities linked with our topic and learned about volcanoes. We have started to make our volcanoes in groups, and will paint them and make them erupt next week! Thank you for the materials you sent in to help with this task. On Wednesday the children had a wonderful time in the science carrousel where they moved from class to class completing different activities with other teachers.


It was lovely to see all of the children in their favourite clothes yesterday. We hope they had lots of fun with our activities. Please make your donations on line via the link sent out on Parent Hub.


Next week’s spellings

Year 3 List 4

throat, croak, below, tomorrow, hero, stroke, phone, toast, potatoes, suppose



Year 4

tomatoes, potatoes, poetry, tomorrow, meadow, though, echoes, although, poetic, dough