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Week beginning 09.10.23

Our Learning


We have had another fantastic week in Seals class! It has involved quizzes, shields and solving problems!


English –

This week, the children have written their own finding tales! They have worked incredibly hard, thinking carefully about the structure of their writing and selecting interesting words/phrases to describe settings and characters' feelings. We will be editing and publishing our work next week.


Maths –

We have continued our four operations work this week, with a focus on division. This has involved using long division with integer answers, using long division to find answers with remainders and answering multi-step word problems for the four operations. Next week, we will complete our four operations unit of work and begin our long anticipated fractions unit! 


History -

Our focus in History this week was economy. The children learned about the power and wealth of the ancient Egyptians, understanding more about their trade links and recognising how goods were bought and sold during this period of time. After obtaining all of this knowledge, the children were tasked with creating their own quiz about the ancient Egyptian economy!


Viking experience day - 

We had a fantastic day on Tuesday at the church and Repton School. The first session of the day was a live video call with author Tony Bradman. He spoke to the children about his inspirations, writing experiences, books and much more. He answered questions that the children had and also provided some top tips for writing narratives! Following the author talk, the children took part in a tour of the school and church site where the Vikings had once settled and where Saxon graves had been recently found! The children then completed a writing which was centred around the Vikings. The final activity of the day was a fantastic art session, led by the former Head of Art at Repton School, where the children created Viking shields using drawing ink and bamboo sticks! Please click on the following link to see photographs of the day:


Homework –

Children have been given Maths and English homework this week which relates to what we have been learning about in school. The tasks have been explained in class, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Homework is due in school on Monday.


Spellings -


Year 6, List 5 - Challenge Words












Spellings given out: Monday 9th October 2023

Spelling test: Monday 16th October 2023


Have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Bailey