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Week beginning 25.09.23

Our Learning


We have had yet another wonderful week in Seals class. It has involved multiplication methods, job applications and a 'Hello' from across Europe!


English –

We have moved on to our new writing unit this week which is 'finding tales'. At the beginning of the week we were introduced to our model text. We first  answered a variety of comprehension questions to help us understand and familiarise ourselves with the story, and then analysed the text, looking for language features used by the author. For the rest of the week, we have been developing our descriptive writing skills. This has included innovating the model text and having a go at writing our own setting descriptions. The children have worked really hard to include rich vocabulary, including figurative language, to describe in detail and create an image in reader's mind.


Maths –

We have continued our four operations unit of work this week which has involved applying the rules of divisibility, identifying prime numbers to 100, identifying square and cube numbers, multiplying 4 digit numbers by 2 digit numbers using long multiplication, and exploring alternative methods for solving multiplication problems. Next week, we will be moving on to division. 


History –

After learning about Egyptian jobs last week, the children thought about which job they would want if they were a part of the ancient civilisation and why. They then wrote a letter of application to a Pharaoh explaining why they want this ancient job and why they believe they are a suitable candidate. Later in the week, we started to understand more about ancient Egyptian beliefs. We focused on ancient gods and goddesses, and how important these were to daily life in Egypt. After researching about some of the most popular gods and goddesses, the children created top trumps cards to show off the skills and qualities of each god/goddess. Some children even ended up designing their own gods/goddesses and they had some brilliantly imaginative ideas! Next week we will learn about the much anticipated mummification process! 


Homework –

Children have been given Maths and English homework this week which relates to what we have been learning about in school. The tasks have been explained in class, but if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me. Homework is due in school on Monday.


Spellings -


Year 6, List 3 - Challenge Words












Spellings given out: Monday 25th September 2023

Spelling test: Monday 2nd October 2023


Have a great weekend,


Miss Bailey