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W.C. 5.12.22

It is only a week and a half until we finish our first term, wow! The Hedgehogs, as always, have worked incredibly hard this week, and although we have been missing a few children due to illness, the children have been so resilient and persevered through their coughs and their colds! Please look below to see what we have been learning about this week.



This week we have started our new unit on Geometry, and we have been looking specifically at 3D shapes this week. We started to get to know the names of the 3D shapes, finding objects in the classroom that look like 3D shapes, and then we built towers using 3D shapes. We then labelled our towers by using our 3D shape names.  Look below at the pictures of some of our towers. Can you pause on one and tell your grown-up what 3D shapes you can see in their tower? Use the 3D shape word mat below to help you!

Here is a game to also help with identifying 3D shapes that we have learnt about this week. Make sure to click Level 2 when you play this game.



In our English learning, we have finished off our unit on non-chronological reports. This week the children created their own report by inventing their own animal/person to write about. They planned their report first by using a double-page spread, and then they wrote up their HOT WRITES. The children produced some fantastic reports, using great questions, great information and great writing! Can you tell your grown up what your hot write was about? Can you think of some interesting questions about a chosen animal

or a person?



In our Topic learning, we only had one lesson this week because we have been doing a lot of Christmas practise this week. In our lesson, we learnt about why Egypt got involved in some battles and what they used to battle. Here are some pictures of what we learnt about. Can you tell your grown-up about each of the pictures below and what they used them for?


We also learnt about why Egypt got involved in wars with other communities. Egypt didn't want to conquer countries and communities for fun, they only conquered neighbouring countries and areas because it needed things for its people. Have a look at the grid below. There are 7 reasons why Egypt invaded other countries. Can you find the 7 reasons? 2 of them are not correct reasons so think carefully!




Just a reminder that we will need parents to help walk with us to St Wystan's church on Monday 19th for our Christmas Singing concert. It starts at 9:45am.


Have a lovely weekend, and if you can pop over to our Christmas Fair this evening.


Mr Armishaw