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Updates W.C 27.11.23

We have had a great week this week and we are so close to finishing for the Christmas break. This time next week, we will be performing our Christmas Production - 'The Inn-Spectors' to the whole school and then on the following Monday we will be performing to parents which we are very excited about! Although we have done many Christmas rehearsal practises this week, we have also done a bit of learning too. Look below to find out what we have been learning about.



In our Maths learning, we have been learning about how we can subtract using a number line. We have also been using addition and subtraction interchangeably and learning when we need to add and when we need to subtract! Here are some problems below you can have a go at home! 



If your child is struggling to use a number line to subtract, download the PDF sheet below and have a go at doing some subtractions at home!


In our English learning we have been innovating and inventing our own non-chronological reports! We started off planning and coming up with questions and answers about King Charles in pairs. We used the IPAD to research some facts about King Charles such as what is his favourite dish, his favourite colour, his favourite hobbies. The children then wrote questions and answers about King Charles. Then on Thursday, we planned our own double-page spread on our own non-chronological reports. The children decided to choose someone or something that they knew information about so they could write about it. We started our HOT WRITES last week and we will continue with them next week. Can you remember what your HOT WRITE was about? Can you remember any questions or information about your HOT WRITE?



We only had one history lesson this week due to trying to fit rehearsals in this week but we had such an incredible lesson. We decided to look at how beliefs have changed over time. We looked at the 1950s and we looked specifically at beliefs in America. We learned about Rosa Parks and how she was important for changing beliefs in America. We decided to do a bit of acting and acted out the events of the bus scandal. We then talked about why she was important and how there was a lot of racism in the 1950s and how things were not fair. Here are some pictures of our acting below! Can you tell your grown-up about any of the events that happened in 1955 to Rosa Parks? What did she do that was so special? What happened to her on the bus? 

We have done many assessments this week, including phonics. Please use the Time to Read Sheets to recap the learning done so far. 





Have a lovely weekend and wrap up warm!


If you are free to help walk with the children on Monday 4th December, Friday 9th December or Monday 11th December to and from the Repton 400 Hall, please email me at if you are free. We really appreciate your cooperation and support!


Mr Armishaw