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Updates W.C 13.11.23

We have had a brilliant week this week! Lots of new and challenging learning but the Hedgehogs have really rose to the challenge - well done Hoglets! Look below to see what we have been learning about.



In our Maths learning, the children have been working hard on addition problems. We have been learning how to use different strategies to help us solve worded problems. The children have been using bar-models, part-whole models and number lines to help with their calculations and to check if their answers are correct. Towards the end of the week, we also started the concept of subtraction. We started to look at how we can find a missing part from a part-whole model by moving counters from the whole into the part. This was very tricky, but the children did really well to try and understand this concept. Here are some problems to have a go at, at home. Can you draw a bar-model to help you with this number problem, or use a number line or counters to help check if you are right?




In our English learning, we have started our new unit on non-chronological reports. To tie our learning into our History learning, we have been learning a report about Neil Armstrong. We have read the model text and then we worked together to create a text map. We then revisited the text map, but unfortunately, Digby (Mr Armishaw's dog) muddled the text map up, so the children had to sequence the text map back together again! Here is the model text and the text map. Can you tell your grown-ups about the text map? Can you remember some facts about Neil Armstrong?




In our History learning, we have learned about the Space Race in the 1960s as we have been learning about the evolution of flight travel in the past 100 years. We learned about how America and Russia had a race to see who could be the first to reach space, and who could be the first to reach the moon. We put events on a timeline and learned about the major significant events. Can you order the events below from the first event to the last event of the Space Race?




We also had a fun lesson learning about algorithms and how we have to make sure that we have precise instructions to make something work properly. We listened to a silly algorithm and talked about how sometimes 'bugs' can appear where something doesn't look right, so we may need to create specific algorithms to make sure that bugs don't appear! Here are some pictures of our silly algorithms!


We have been learning the different graphemes of /ur/ this week. We have learned the er, ir, and ur digraphs. 



Children in Need Day Photos

We had a lovely day celebrating Children in Need and raising money for a worthy cause. Here are some photos of us in our clothes and putting our bottle tops on Pudsey!

Have a lovely weekend!

Mr Armishaw