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Updates W.C 23.10.23

We have had a fantastic end to the half term! We have had harvest singing, we have had fantastic artwork, and we even have our first wristband wearers announced too! Look below to see what we have been up to this week.



In our Maths learning, we have been learning about number bonds. A number bond are two numbers that add together to make a whole number. We were finding number bonds of a number by using cubes and counters, and exploring different ways of making numbers. On Thursday, we also worked systematically and we found number bonds quickly and easily by finding them in an order. We had a 'butterfly' and we kept moving spots from one side of the butterfly's wing to the other. The children were fab at this. Here's a tricky question below! Can you find the two mistakes from these number sentences below? You may want to work systematically to check which ones are incorrect!




In our English learning, we have been working on innovating some instructions. This week we focused on how we can write instructions using time conjunctions and writing sentences in more detail. We were thinking of creative sentences to write for instructions on how to capture a dragon. Can you tell your grown-up some ways you could do this, using the materials we came up with as a class? Maybe you could use time conjunctions such as first, next, then, after that and finally, when explaining your instructions?



In our History, we have been continuing our learning by looking at jobs in the past. We looked at how women did not have equal job opportunities as men, and they had to fight for the right to vote. We also looked at how the first policewoman in the UK was in the 1920s! We then looked at how the police have changed from 1920 to the present day, and looking at what clothes they wear and how they catch criminals. We learned that in the 1920s, the police started to use fingerprints as evidence for catching criminals. So on Wednesday we had a go at creating our own unique fingerprint! Could you show your grown-ups how to do it? You only need paper, a pencil and some selotape!

Other Curriculum

In our Computing, we had a go at creating self-portraits using Sketchpad. We worked in pairs to use the shape tools and colour tabs to create our own faces!

We also did some fantastic art in Friday's lesson, where the children had to use their observational skills to draw a scene. The children had pictures of Repton and could choose which one they wanted. They had to carefully study the picture and draw the features that they saw, using different mark-making skills. We used pencils, oil-pastels and even charcoal! Here are our lovely artists at work!

Phonics and Spellings

I have set spellings to learn over the holidays. The spellings can be found on Spelling Shed or in your child's spelling record book.


This week in Phonics, we have been focusing on the digraph ee, the suffixes -ed and -ing.


Final Messages

  • Thank you to those parents who walked to and from St Wystan's church. Your help is thoroughly appreciated!
  • As you may know, the Derby Museum has been flooded recently. I am waiting to hear from them as the insurers need to get back to the museum to see if it is safe for the viewing public to visit. There is a possibility that we may have to rearrange the trip, but I will let you know in due course. Thank you for your patience.
  • Although I have set spellings and sent new reading books, please make sure to have time to relax and enjoy this half-term!


Have a lovely break and I will see you all very soon!


Mr Armishaw