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Updates W.C 15.01.24

We have had another great week in the Hedgehogs' class! We have done lots of exciting learning this week so look below to find out what we have been doing!



In our Maths learning this week, we have been focusing on the "teen" numbers this week. We have been learning how to break numbers from 13 - 19 into tens and ones. We learned that these numbers all have 1 ten and several ones. We learned that we can count the ten first, and then count the ones afterwards. We have been working hard on writing these numbers in numerals and words. Have a go at this challenge below. Can you work out the numbers below in numerals and words? Can you write them down on a piece of paper and bring your work to class?



Challenge - Can you work out the odd one out from the pictures below? 



In our English this week, we have been going deeper into our model text. We have been exploring some of the vocabulary in our text. We looked at some of the "VIP" words that are ambitious and challenging. We talked about definitions and how we can use these words in a sentence. Can you look at the word mat below and see if you can explain to a grown-up what each word means?



We also looked at a new piece of punctuation called exclamation marks. We learned that we can use exclamation marks at the end of sentences where we are expressing surprise or a strong emotion. We enjoyed thinking of sentences that may have exclamation marks. Can you have a look at the sentences below and decide which ones need an exclamation mark, a question mark or just a full stop? Work with a grown-up to decide!




In our Geography work, we have been doing lots of work using maps this week. We started on Monday looking at the map of the world. We used Google Earth to explore the 7 continents on Earth. We then got an atlas out to see the world on a 2D level. We also listened to a really fun, catchy song which you are welcome to view here. Can you sing the song to your grown-ups? We then had a task of putting the world back together by using an atlas to match jigsaw pieces back together. Here are some photos of us working together to put the continents in the right order!


We then looked at a satellite image of Kenya; the country that we will be looking at for the next few weeks. We looked at the different environments of Kenya from the footage and explored different areas. We found out that Kenya lies on the equator so it is very hot! Look at the satellite image of Kenya. Can you point on the map and tell your grown up where there may be a...

- lake?

- desert?

- rainforest?

- beach?

- grassland?

- river?

- savanna?

- mountain? (this is a hard one!)    





Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mr Armishaw