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W/C 26.02.24

We have had a super first week back!


We have started to look at 'division' this week. We have been doing this through 'grouping'. We have been putting items into equal groups and calculating how many groups we have made. We then used this information to write a division sentence. Have a go at the example below:



We have been using this method to solve worded problems. Try these below:



In English, we have recapped using time conjunctions. Can you tell someone at home what a time conjunction is? We then recapped the use of adverbs within our writing. Complete the sentences below using an adverb e.g., the cat ran quickly


The boy ________ walked her the stairs. 

The girl danced __________ across the stage. 

The man shouted ____________. 


This week, we have started our new model text, a letter. Over the next few weeks we will be learning about letter writing and will then be writing our own letters to a class in Melbourne, Australia. They will then be writing a letter back to us! We are all very excited about this! 


In topic, we have been exploring why the Great Barrier Reef is important and how pollution affects it. Can you tell someone at home a fact you learnt about the Great Barrier Reef? Why is it important to look after it?