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Updates W.C 12.02.24

What a fantastic half-term that we have had! We have had visits out to Derby, fantastic learning, and we have even had a change in what the classroom looks like this week as we commence our whole class learning! Look below to see what we have been up to this week.



In our Maths learning, we have been learning about how we can add numbers up to 20. On Tuesday with Mrs Ward, the children learned how we can add using different strategies such as ten frames, number lines and even bar models. The children had some worded problems and they had to find the answer using those strategies. 


On Thursday, the children also learned another strategy to help them. We did additions to 20 whereby one of the numbers has a 10 in front of the one digit e.g. 12 + 4. We learned that we can add the ones first, to find the value, and then add the tens. Have a go at the problems below. See if you can explain to an adult how you got that answer.





In our English learning, we have been continuing to learn our recount text from last week, all about a boy's life in urban Kenya. We learned this week how to use the conjunctions but and because to combine two sentences and add detail to our work. Can you come up with two sentences using the conjunctions but and because?



In our Geography work this week, we have been writing letters to Hanu, a boy from Mombasa, explaining to him what it is like in our local area. We talked about the physical and human features of Repton and also our nearest city. We then spoke about what things we like to do in Repton and what Hanu may want to find out about. We then wrote our letters all about our areas and they were fantastic! What physical features are near you? What human features are near you? What fun things or interesting things are there to do in your local area?



For this half term, the children have been exploring paint. We have been learning how to make secondary colours, and different shades of secondary colours. We have also been studying different artists such as Jasper John and Clarice Cliff. In our final two lessons, the children were tasked with creating a Clarice Cliff inspired plate, using secondary colours and techniques that Clarice uses. The children produced some amazing pieces of art, and on Thursday we used straws and black paint to add the final element to our Clarice Cliff plates. Look below to see our pieces of work!

Spellings (to learn over half term)




Have a lovely half-term everyone! Please take the time to rest, recover and relax, and I will see you all very soon!


Mr Armishaw