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Updates W.C 20.05.24

We have had a great week and I think we are all deserving of a half-term break! The children have worked so hard this half-term and I am so proud of all of them. Look below to find out what learning we have been doing.



In our Maths learning, we have continued our learning on Fractions by working on our understanding of quarters. On Monday to Wednesday, we worked on quartering shapes and amounts, learning that when we quarter we split things into 4 equal parts. Then on Thursday and Friday, we started our unit on Place Value to 100. We started to count to 100, and then we learned how to count in tens up to 100, and represent these numbers using base 10. Have a look at the picture below. Can you work out what numbers are covered up by the paint? Tell a grown-up the numbers and how you know it is those number!



There are also some Maths activities on Maths Shed.



In our English this week, we have been focusing on suffixes. This week, we have focused on how we can turn a singular noun into a plural noun by adding -s or -es, depending on what the word ends. We also looked at how we can add suffixes -er and -est to the ends of adjectives such as 'highest' and 'higher'. Can you work with a grown-up to come up with er and est words? You can bring them into school to get some house points for when we come back!


Science & DT

This week, we have had a week full of DT (Design and Technology). We have been so creative this week. We have been designing our own moving animal picture scenes. We first designed a moving picture for a friend, and then we created it on Wednesday and Thursday. The children used split pins and lollipop sticks to create levers, pivots and sliders to make elements of their work move. I was so impressed with the children's creations! We then evaluated and gave feedback about our piece of work to our partners. Here are some of our finished products below!


In our Phonics this week, we have recapped the ou, ue, ue, and ew digraphs. Please use the Time to Read Sheets to recap any digraphs your child may struggle with.


I have done a practice Phonics Screening Check with the children last week. Please can I encourage you to practice the real and nonsense words using the QR codes below? Using any other additional resources may also be handy as well, such as online computer games, the Time to Read Booklets, and other resources. You can find these on my Phonics class page below.


I have not provided any spellings over the half-term. Please can I encourage you to practise reading the real and nonsense words on the QR codes below, which were sent out on Thursday. 




I will put some optional Spelling shed activities up over the weekend.


Have a lovely half-term break and I can't wait to see you all very soon!


Mr Armishaw