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School Values and Ethos

Our school values and ethos are at the core of everything we do. These are: Respect, Pride and Success. Everyone at our school says: "We Respect, We Take Pride, We Succeed." These values underpin our teaching and learning, and provide an environment which prepares our pupils as confident, happy citizens. Our children and staff created our vision statement and ethos together ensuring that it is purposeful and we live and breath it every single day! 

Repton Primary School Vision:

Repton Primary School's Vision is to ensure that:

1) Every pupil has a high standard of education.

2) Every pupil reaches their full potential.

3) Every pupil is part of a caring, friendly, stimulating and well-disciplined environment,where pupils can develop respect for themselves and others.



We Respect

We Take Pride

We Succeed



Repton Primary School's Vision Statement:

Repton Primary is a happy, caring, safe and secure school, that is committed to ensuring that every child has the opportunity to reach their full potential.
We all work together creating a stimulating, supportive environment that provides opportunities for all types of learning.


School Aims:

At Repton Primary School our aim is to provide and promote a

POSITIVE learning environment in which children are…

P – Prepared for life so that they can fulfil their potential
O - Offered opportunities to work collaboratively together with each other, with parents, with the whole school and their wider community
S - Safe, secure and confident and are able to thrive in a stimulating and creative learning environment
I – Independent, have well developed lifelong learning skills and a positive self-image
T – Nurtured in order to develop all their talents
I – Included irrespective of their ability, race, gender and cultural diversity.
V – Valued, and encouraged to develop strong values, beliefs and respect and understanding for others
E – Encouraged to develop healthy lifestyles and a growing economic awareness