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Forest Time

22.3.24. This week we explored patterns in the forest, just like we’d explored the patterns on African animals. We used crayons to make rubbings of the different patterns and textures we could see. They looked really good and reminded us of the animal patterns we had painted earlier in the week.

15.3.24. This week we explored pattern in the forest. Some of us found patterns around the forest area, on tree bark, on leaves, in the mud, on logs, etc. Others used natural objects to make patterns just like the ones in African art that we’ve been learning about this week. Some of us decided to make repeating patterns. Lovely work!

8.3.24. Today we went on a hunt! Before the half term, a Chinese Dragon visited and left 40 baby dragons around our forest school area. Today we found them! We unfortunately could only find 3 full tens and 9 more. We used our 10 frames to place the dragons on and could easily see how many mew had and how many were left to find. We wonder where the last dragon has hidden! 🐉

30.1.24 Today we had our special Forest School session with Liz from Little Acorns Forest Schools, funded by our PTA. We had a fantastic morning in the new forest area on the field. We went on creature hunts (real and toy), built nests, played in the mud kitchen; making potions and concoctions, made ladybirds using a log slice and stuck on decorated wings and googly eyes. We enjoyed a snack outside and even climbed the trees, (no higher than our heads!). We listened to a story and played lots of fun games such Stuck in the Mud, What's the Time Mr Wolf? and Catch the Chicken!

We went on a hunt today to look for different natural objects in the forest, before the winter passes and new spring life starts to grow.

We had a great time today, creating our version of Rosie’s Walk - Robin’s Walk! We walked around, under, over, through, across and past the different parts of the forest. The children drew a map of their routes and told their stories to the class.

We had a super new year tidy of the forest today after the storms over Christmas. So many trees has lost their branches, litter had blown in from the road and leaves were every where. The children loved collected broken branches and made a big pile of wood with them. They swept the leaves using branch brooms and picked up litter for the bin. Well done Robins!

We consolidated the 4 and 5 this week by using natural objects to show those amounts.

We made houses and added bright leaves to make them look like flames! 🔥 Just like in the great fire of London 🏠 We also practised one of our Nativity songs, Warming our Toes, and we warmed our toes by the ‘fire’ 🔥

We looked for and made shapes in the forest today. Can you spot the shapes on our photos? Looks for circles, triangles, rectangles and squares!

10.11.23. Today we enjoyed making a giant Rangoli pattern in the forest, using different natural objects. We noticed how bright and yellow the leaves were that had fallen from the tress. The forest floor looked amazing!

27.10.23 This week in Forest Time, to tie in with our maths work in the classroom, we looked for natural objects in sets of 1, 2 or 3. We worked together in pairs and found lots of interesting things.

6.10.23 - This week we went on a hunt! We read the story ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ and we listened for the sounds in the story in the forest. We then went on a hunt for all sort of things like pine cones, flowers, sticks and insects and using our imagination, we hunted for animals from the Brown Bear story, like red bird, blue horse, yellow duck or purple cat!

29.9.23 This week we looked for matching objects. We then took photos of the objects and said our stem sentence from our maths, ‘The pine cone is the same as the pine cone. They are a match.’ We then brought all the objects to the log circle and made sets of the same. We enjoyed our hot chocolate with a story!

22.9.23 - We went into the forest today for the first time. The children really enjoyed exploring around, through the trees and bushes and discovering what natural things they could find. We enjoyed a story on the log circle and sang songs. We talked about the special rules to keep us safe.