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STEM - Summer Term



Amazing Planet

What is so special about our planet?

In Summer Term, the children will be starting off learning all about the science of things that we take for granted. Firstly, we will look at our senses and how they help our bodies and our brains. We will be doing various different investigations with our senses! We will also be looking at how animals are all different to each other and we will be learning the classifications of animals. We will also be looking at how the different parts each have a function that helps the plant grow. Finally, we will be looking at how every object is made of a material and we will be thinking about the properties of each material.


We will then be having a DT project week. This is where we will design a purposeful product for somebody and make them something out of different materials using different skills! 

Here are some of the Knowledge Organisers that we will be using to revisit and recap our learning. Please feel free to test your child on any learning that we have done already to help your child out at home. Please do not test your child on any content that they have not been taught yet.

If you have any questions about the teaching of STEM, please get in contact with me at my email or come see me to make an appointment.