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The children have worked really hard this week as we have been completing our termly assessments, these are used as part of our teacher assessment to check the children’s progression so far this year. The children completed these in Spelling; Grammar and Punctuation; Maths and Reading.


In History, we have continued learning about the Vikings. This week we focused on what Vikings believed in. We learned that, like the Anglo-Saxons, they believed in lots of different Gods and Goddesses. We completed some research about them and the children really enjoyed finding out all the different facts. In Art we continued making our Viking longhouses – the roofs went on this week!


In Science this week, we continued learning about changing of states. We discussed the different changes of state, including: melting, freezing, condensing and evaporating. We looked at the melting points of different metals and completed a table and bar chart.


Next week, we have lots of fun things planned. On Wednesday (6th) we have the pantomime performance at school in the morning, Christmas dinner for lunch and we are even allowed to wear our Christmas jumpers for the day! On Friday (8th) we have been invited to watch the KS1 dress rehearsal of their Christmas performance in the afternoon and don’t forget it is our Christmas Fayre straight after school! Remember to bring your pennies!


Have a lovely weekend!


Miss Hanslow