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W/c 16th October 2023

What a busy penultimate week of our first half-term of the year. This week has involved multiples of 1, 3, 5 and 7, biographies about Nicola Adams, stained glass windows and insulators and conductors.  Read on to find out more…


Our Maths this week involved lots of mental maths.  We thought about multiples of 1, 3, 5 and 7 when we carried out an Nrich Maths game, we did lots of Times Table practice and also carried out an addition and subtraction investigation.  Can you answer this True or False question about what happens when you add 100’s?

In English this week, we wrote our biographies on the inspirational Nicola Adams.  We thought about all of the features that a biography had that we have learnt about throughout this topic.  We focused on each section of our Biography very closely, thinking about ‘Say it, Write it, Read it, Check it’.  This allowed us to think carefully about what we had written and make sure it was accurate and correct.


We finished our RE unit ‘Why is Jesus inspiring to some people?’ this week. We thought about all of the things we had learnt that Christians believe about Jesus and why this makes him inspirational.  The children created stained glass windows of some of things we had learnt about Jesus and explained why these things made him an inspirational figure to Christians.


This week’s Science involved us thinking about what a conductor and an insulator are.  The children investigated if items around the classroom allowed an electrical current to flow through them or not.  They thought about what materials these different things were made from and if they could work out therefore which materials were conductors and which were insulators.


The children have all brought home a copy of our Harvest song, it would be greatly appreciated if they could practice this for our performance on Monday as part of the school’s Harvest festival at the church.


Thank you to those of you who have offered to walk with us to and from the Church as well.  If there is anyone who could still offer to help us please let me know.


Thank you


Stay safe

Have a lovely weekend


Mrs Karamucki