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This class just keep on impressing me, week by week, and this week is no exception! They have all worked tremendously hard this week, especially in their HOT WRITES, and the pride that they have shown in their work has been incredible. Look below to see what we have been doing each week!



In our Maths learning this week, we have been introduced to some funky, friendly creatures. We have been learning about these three cool creatures! Can you tell your grown up what these creatures are called?


These are our comparison crocodiles. We use these symbols to compare objects and numbers. For example;

 9 = 9 (9 is equal to 9)

 6 > 1 (6 is greater than 1)

 2 < 9 (2 is less than 9)


Here are a few games to help consolidate comparing numbers if you wish to practise some more at home!


Can you compare these objects below using the comparison symbols (< > or =)?



In our English work this week, the children have written and edited their first HOT WRITE in Year 1! The stories they produced were based off the story of Zog. The children planned their stories last week by changing sections of the story by themselves. The work the children produced was incredible! All their work is displayed in our writing gallery in the bay, which you are welcome to come and see! Next week, we will be starting our next Talk 4 Writing unit, Instruction writing. 


Can you remember what your story was about? Who were the characters in the story? What was the problem in the story? Who helped your character in the end?



In our History learning this week, we have been continuing our work on the Ancient Egyptians by looking more into the life of Tutankhamun. In Monday's lesson, we created story maps of the young pharaoh's life that looked like the one below. Looking at the picture below, can you follow the story map and talk about his life, all the way until he was discovered in 1922 by Howard Carter?




















We also explored and understood more about the Ancient pyramids. We went onto Google Earth to see the pyramids from space and we could not believe how tall they were. If you are interested in seeing this with your child, I have attached the link hereWe learnt that the Pyramids of Giza were even taller than Big Ben! We then looked at a video to see what was inside the pyramid and to see why they were built. We discovered that pyramids were built to store the pharaoh's body when he died, so he could safely go to the afterlife! We also learnt that the pyramids were built near the River Nile so that people could carry the granite blocks from the boats in the river. 


Spellings (also available on Spelling Shed)


I hope you have a lovely weekend. Stay safe!


Mr Armishaw