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Week 1

This week we thought about how climate change is affecting Antarctica and the world.  We learned that the glaciers are melting because of the way humans mistreat the world.  We talked about how energy is made in power stations and that harmful gases are sent into the air which leads to ‘global warning’.  We also thought about the effect the fumes from cars have too.  The children understood that this makes the seas rise and we have more storms, rain and hot or cold weather.  We then thought how we can help to stop global warming and talked about ‘clean energy’.  We looked at pictures of wind turbines and solar panels and the children knew a little about these already!  We understood that using these clean ways to produce energy meant the planet isn’t harmed.  The world is now working hard to make energy in a clean way.  The children also knew that electric cars were better for the planet than cars that ran on petrol or diesel.


Can you tell your grown up why the glaciers are melting?  How can we make energy to power our homes in a cleaner way?



In maths we explored different amounts to equal 10.  We used a ten frame and 10 reversible counters.  We turned some over so that we had some red and some yellow and noticed how many of each.  We were able to say which 2 amounts made 10, eg ‘8 and 2 is equal to 10’ etc.


Can you tell your grown up two numbers that are equal to 10?


We had a great World Book Day and the children looked fantastic!  What a wonderful effort you all made and we do appreciate it!  We read The Rainbow Fish and after talking about the behaviour of the Rainbow Fish and how he should have tried to make friends, we wrote letters to the other fish from the Rainbow Fish; asking them to be his friend.  The children wrote some lovely sentences in their letters, such as ‘Will you be my friend?  I will share my scales with you.’


Do you think being beautiful or kind is more important to make friends?



In Monster Phonics this week, we have learned the phoneme ‘oa’ and met Misss Oh No! It also featured in our Floatella story (which was the story of Cinderella with a twist!)  We wrote and read many words with this sound in.


Have a lovely weekend and we will see you on Monday 😊