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W/C 15.01.24

Another super week in the Owls Class!


In maths, we have continued working on 2D and 3D shapes! We have been sorting 2D shapes into different groups based on their properties (e.g. colour, number of sides, vertices, lines of symmetry). Can you tell someone how these 2D shapes have been sorted?:


We then looked at 3D shapes and have been busy naming them and counting the number of faces, sides and vertices. We used 3D shapes in our classroom to help us and we also used our 2D knowledge to help us (e.g. when counting the number of vertices on a square-based pyramid, we knew that a square has 4 vertices and then there is one on the top, making a total of 5 vertices altogether). We enjoyed watching a cartoon to help us with this. Take a look below:


Next week, we will be starting our new unit: Money. Over the weekend, please spend a little time with your children familiarising them with different coins and notes. 


In English, we have been busy innovating our journey tale, A Space Adventure! We changed and rewrote the introduction section. In groups, we changed our main characters, what they were doing, what they found and what journey they were going on. Tell someone at home what your ideas were!

We also looked for the key features in our model text, such as adverbs, similes, adjectives and conjunctions. This will help us include these features in our own journey tales next week! Can you tell someone what a simile is? Complete the sentences below to make a simile: 


The dog is as fluffy as a _____________ .

The boy ran fast like a ______________ . 

The stars sparkled in the sky like _________________ . 


In topic, we have been learning all about the 7 continents and 5 oceans of the world. Can you name the 7 continents? Can you name the 5 oceans? What facts did you learn about these? Could you point to them on a map or a globe? We learnt two songs which helped us to remember the names and sizes of the continents and oceans. Take a look below: