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W/c 13th November 2023

We’ve had another busy week in Puffins class this week which involved us all thinking about how to Pamper a Porcupine, exchanging and knocking on our neighbours doors and all of us heading to ‘High School’.  Read on to find out more…


In English, we have carried on with our Instructions unit which has involved us thinking about a variety of different ways to wash different animals or in some cases pamper them.  The children created some brilliant plans on how to do this and thought very carefully about what imperative verbs they could include and how they could make them interesting to the reader by adding adjectives and a larger amount of description.


In Maths we began looking at column addition and subtraction with exchanges.  The children remembered the useful tip of ‘knocking on their neighbours door’ to borrow when they couldn’t complete part of the column subtraction.  Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

This week has been Anti-bullying week with the theme this year of ‘Make a Noise about Bullying’.  Not only did we all wear odd socks!

But we also thought about banter and where it crosses over from being funny to everyone to being bullying to one or a few people.  We discussed the fact that we should always be aware of other people’s feelings and everyone doesn’t find a joke funny then it is no longer a joke.


We were given the wonderful opportunity of going to see Repton School’s production of ‘High School Musical’ at the 400 Hall this week.  The children all loved it and as usual behaved beautifully.  The show was open to members of the public and I was told a number of times how impeccably the children behaved.  I was very proud of all of the Puffins and I know they all enjoyed the production. 


As usual, spellings are in your child’s Homework diary and on the website. 

Thank you


Stay safe

Have a lovely weekend

Mrs Karamucki