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W/C 15.04.24

What a lovely first week back from the Easter break! I cannot believe that we are now into the 'summer' term. 


In maths, we have started our new unit of work: Fractions! We have been learning to find half, quarters and thirds of an amount. We know that the top number is called the 'numerator' and the bottom number is called the 'denominator'. When we find half an amount, we know that we share an amount equally into two parts. When we find quarters, we share into four parts, and when we find thirds we share into three parts. Show someone at home what you can do:




In English, we have been learning our new model text: The Koala & the Crocodile. Can you tell someone at home what happens in each section of our warning tale?


Introduction: Who is the main character? Where does he live?

Build up: What has he been warned not to do? Why does he do it anyway?

Problem: What happens now he has done what he was warned against?

Resolution: Who rescues him? How?

Ending: What happens to him?


We have also been recapping using the past and present tense. It is important that in our writing we either keep to the past or the present and don't mix them up. Are these verbs past or present tense?


- walked

- hopping

- smiled

- eating 

- jumping

- cried


As well this week, we have been learning to use 'possessive apostrophes'. Show someone at home what you can do:


Rewrite the sentences so it includes an apostrophe to show possession. For example:

Connor is looking at Mikes bike.

Connor is looking at Mike’s bike.


These are Toms parents.

Sam is playing with Lisas toys.


This week, we have started our science topic. We are very excited about this! Over the summer term, we will be learning about:

  • Living things and their habitats
  • Animals and humans
  • Plants
  • Materials


We have started with the unit 'Living things and their habitats'. We started the week by identifying if something was 'living', 'dead' or 'never been alive'. To help us identify this, we learnt about 'MRS GREN'. There are 7 things that all living things do, we call these life processes. All animals, including humans, do these and plants do too!





We then looked at different world habitats (ocean, forest, desert, jungle & arctic) and discovered what plants and animals live there. Can you name an animal or a plant you might find in each of these habitats?