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Week beginning 10.07.23

Our Learning


I cannot believe we are almost at the end of the final term! It has been a fabulous and busy year and this week has certainly been no different! It has involved a school trip, sandwich making and lots of drama!


English –

This week, we have been learning about playscripts. We have read and analysed playscripts, thinking carefully about the writing features included. We have rehearsed and performed an existing play, focusing on using tone and expression to enhance our performance. The children have now started planning and writing their own playscripts and will rehearse and perform these next week. We have had some excellent theatrical performances already this week, so I look forward to seeing their own plays in action next week!


Maths –

We have almost completed our final Maths unit of Year 4, which is position and direction. So far this has involved describing position using coordinates, plotting coordinates on a grid, using coordinates to draw shapes and translating on a grid. Next week, we will be describing translation, revising formal methods for the four operations and taking on various fun Maths challenges!



As part of our STEM work this week, we made healthy sandwiches. Before making our sandwich, we learned about food safety and the importance of good hygiene when cooking and preparing food. This ensured we were well prepared for our making session the next day. On Wednesday, we were finally able to create the sandwich that we had designed. The children gathered all of their ingredients, cut their salad and constructed their sandwiches independently in their groups. They absolutely loved the session, particularly the part where they got to eat their sandwich! The children were all superbly sensible and I am thrilled that they had so much fun! Perhaps they will all make their lunches at home from now on...



Carsington Water -

Now that we have finished our DT project, we will be moving on to Living things and their habitats in Science. Carsington was a fantastic way to kickstart this learning! We explored the grounds of Carsington in the morning, finding minibeasts and using keys to identify them. We then chose a minibeast to learn about and make a habitat for. We designed our habitat, thinking carefully about the resources we would need to help the minibeast live and survive. The children collected the resources they needed from the grounds of Carsington and created fantastic habitats for their creatures! We cannot wait to put these in our school grounds and monitor if any minibeasts take shelter there!



Children have not been given any homework this week and there will be no spelling test next week. 


Have an amazing weekend,

Miss Bailey