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W/C 16.10.23

We have had another lovely and busy week in the Owls Class.


In maths, we have completed our first unit of work: Place Value. This week, we have been exploring 'tens' and 'ones' and partitioning numbers in different ways. Can you partition the numbers below into 3 different ways? Look at my example to help you:


Try partitioning the numbers 25, 78, 54


We have now started our new unit of work: Addition and Subtraction. This week, we recapped our number bonds to 10. Can you complete your number bonds to 10 below?

1 + __ = 10

2 + __ = 10

3 + __ = 10

4 + __ = 10

5 + __ = 10


In English, we have been finding the features in our model text. Show someone below:


We have been planning our own set of instructions and will write these next week! We made sure we included time conjunctions, imperative verbs and adjectives. Tell someone at home what you will write about...


In topic, we have been looking at the invention of the 'Rocket' steam engine, the post box and the telephone. Can you tell someone at home who invented these? Why were these successful inventions?


On Thursday, we had an exciting morning first aid training. We learnt what to do in an emergency, how to wrap a bandage and make a sling, and how to save someone from choking. What was your favourite part? Take a look at our pictures below...