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W/C 25.09.23

We have had a very busy week in the Owls Class!


In maths, we have been representing 10s and 1s on a number line. Can you show someone at home what you can do? Remember, you need to check if the number line is moving up in steps of 1 or 10...



We then used our knowledge to estimate numbers on a number line. What does 'estimate' mean? Show someone what you can do:



In English, we innovated our model text by changing the missing pet. What pet did you choose? We have also been learning how to write an expanded noun phrase. Can you tell someone at home what an expanded noun phrase is? We expand simple noun phrases by adding one or two adjectives. Show someone at home how to do this by including two adjectives to describe the nouns below: (hint- remember to include a comma to separate the two adjectives).


___________________   ___________________ tail.


___________________   ___________________ teeth.


___________________   ___________________ claws.


___________________   ___________________ eyes. 


___________________   ___________________ dragon.


On Thursday, we had a wonderful morning! We joined the author Julia Donaldson and illustrator Victoria Sandoy to launch their new picture book THE OAK TREE online. Can you remember what the story was about?: “Way back in time, a thousand years ago, An acorn on the ground begins to grow…”

We then had a go at drawing an oak tree with the illustrator! Take a look at our pictures below:

In history, we learnt about Victorian schools. What were the uniforms like? What did the classroom look like? What were the teachers like? We then compared Victorian schools to schools today. Take a look at the pictures below and identify whether this would be in a Victorian school or a school today: