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W.C. 20.3.23

We have had a fantastic week this week! One more week until we break up for Easter! Look below to see what we have been doing in our learning this week.



In our Maths learning this week, we have been doing lots of assessments to check our understanding of addition and subtraction. We have then moved on to our next unit which is all about numbers from 20 -50. We spent some time familiarising ourselves with these numbers by playing a game called Paint the Squares. I have some numbers missing below on my number grid. Can you work out the numbers by counting forwards or backwards from the numbers that are on the grid already?



We also spent some time in our Maths lesson making numbers up to 50 by using base ten. We realised that the first number in a two-digit number is the number of tens, and the second digit is the number of ones we need. The game "Place Value Basketball" is a great game for children to practice their understanding of tens and ones and associating that with a number. Here is the link below if you would like to give it a go!




In our English learning, we have finished off our recount writing and we did a HOT WRITE on Monday. We wrote about our most favourite days ever, using time conjunctions and adjectives to describe how we felt about it. The children worked so hard and produced fantastic pieces of writing, which can now be found on our Writing Wall in the Hedgehog Bay. 


We also worked on exclamation marks and question marks towards the end of the week. We learnt that we can use exclamation marks when we are writing a sentence where we are showing shock or surprise, or when we use utterances such as "Wow!".


Have a look at the sentences below and decide which sentences need a full stop, a question mark or an exclamation mark.


In our Geography work this week, we learnt more about Kenya's history and how Britain is linked to its history. We learnt that for a while, Kenya was colonised by Britain, but we did learn that things did change. Can you tell your grown ups about any events that Kenya went through in its history?


We also looked at Kenya's flag and how its flag also changed when Britain left in 1963. We talked about how flags have meanings and each colour of Kenya's flag represents a different meaning for Kenya. Look at the flag below. Can you tell your grown-up about what each of the colours and symbols mean?



Spellings (also available on Spelling Shed)


Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Mr Armishaw