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W/c 20th November 2023

This week seems to have flown by.  It has included Viking society, area of shapes and measuring and prepositional penguins.  Read on to find out more..


In English this week we focused on some of the SPAG aspects of a Historical Narrative piece of writing that we will be doing soon as well as finishing off our Instructions. The children learnt all about prepositional phrases involving our prepositional penguin!

Can you tell your adult where your penguin was, think about adding an adjective to wow them with your description?


We also thought in detail about expanded noun phrases and how we can add greater detail to our writing by using them.  What phrase can you tell your grown-up that revolves around our Which Character image?

In Maths the Year 3’s and Year 4’s looked at slightly different areas for the first time.  In our Shape, Space and Measure unit the Year 3’s have begun looking at measuring involving cm and mm. They have thought about how we measure accurately in both cm’s and mm’s. Can you explain this True or False to your grown-up?

Year 4 have been looking at area using squares and working it out by multiplying the width and height together.  Can you explain this True or False to your grown-up?

In History we have been learning about the societal hierarchy of the Vikings.  We thought about what jobs different areas of society did and how Viking society was very fair in that you could move up the ladder of success though hard-work and earning money.


In Science we used the wonderful medium of chocolate to think about states of matter.  The children thought about how different types of chocolate would melt differently and why our test might not have been fair. 


As usual all spellings are on the website, in your child’s homework diary and on spelling shed. 


Thank you

Stay safe and have a lovely weekend


Mrs Karamucki