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W/c 22nd January 2024

It has been another busy week in Puffins class. We have done some location spotting, lots of Historical writing and thought about how Hindus pray on a daily basis.  Read on to find out more…


In English this week we have created a double page spread thinking in detail about the Vikings and how they lived.  We have also thought about a story mountain for our Historical Narrative story which helped u finalise our own story and box it up. The children have really thought about the feelings of their character, what they would experience with their five senses in the world of the Vikings and how they might get back home.  I can’t wait to read their stories next week.


In Maths this week Year 3 have been thinking about scaling, how they can use multiplication to work out combinations and how they can discover how calculations are related to each other. Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

Year 4 have been learning how to multiply and divide by 100, they have thought about the connection between the two and how numbers that are multiplied by 10 link to numbers multiplied by 100 as well. Can you explain this True or False question to your grown-up?

This week in RE we have thought about Hindu’s and their daily prayer rituals.  We thought about the Puja tray, all of its different components and their significance.  Can you explain any of the things on a Puja tray to your grown up?


I hope you have a lovely weekend!

Stay safe!

Mrs Karamucki