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W/c 6th November 2023

What a packed first week back we have had.  I hope everyone had a restful half-term and you all got to do something that you enjoy.  This week consisted of timelines, column addition and how to wash an Elephant.  Read on to find out more…


In English this week we began our new topic of Instructions.  The week began with us following instructions on how to paint our own firework pictures.  The children used this opportunity to think about how important clear and ordered instructions are. 

We then looked at our WAGOLL ‘How to Clean an Elephant’.  We have used this to remind ourselves about Imperative verbs and time connectives.  Next week we will begin to think about creating our own instructions. 


In Maths we have begun to look at column addition involving exchanging.  The children all took to this method like ducks to water and have impressed all of us with how well they have carried it out and how neatly they have presented it.  A very important part of column method is the presentation which allows us to make sure all of the numbers are in the right columns.  Can you explain this True or False question to your grown up?

We began our new Topic looking at the Vikings this week.  We thought about the timeline of the Vikings and who were the important people in their society.  Next week we will look at the life of a child in the Viking times.


We have now got enough volunteers to walk down to the Repton 400 Hall to watch High School Musical.  What a brilliant opportunity for us.  Thank you to those who have offered.


Next week Swimming will be back on as usual, all of the Puffins will have their PE lesson on Monday, Year 4’s will swim on Tuesday and Year 3 will have PE in school.  Thank you for your support in this. 


Have a lovely weekend,

Stay safe

Mrs Karamucki